Thursday, 6 November 2014

Using Antique Mirrors in Interior Design

There's more to mirrors than reflections. All to often in our homes we place mirrors in practical locations, somewhere to check an outfit or blow dry hair. We make use of them and tend to view them as utilitarian items when in reality, with a little imagination, they can be so much more. 

Mirrors as Art 

Mirrors can be fantastically decorative in their own right. A carefully curated selection of vintage mirrors has been used below in this hallway to both maximize light and create drama. Here mirrors are hung like works of art. 

For added effect, as in the kitchen below, try mixing and matching mirrors from different eras. Here a heavy gesso frame sits alongside a selection of chain hung vintage mirrors creating a quirky, eclectic look. 

Arranging mirrors in this way is particularly effective in small rooms and areas which struggle for light. The light bounces from mirror to mirror creating a greater sense of space. 

Mirrors as Light

In order to maximize light in rooms which struggle you don't necessarily need a lots of mirrors, just well placed ones. The homeowner above has deliberately hung a large mirror close to the main light source so that when the light is switched on it is reflected, thus creating an illusion of twice the amount of light. 

In this artist's studio above an over sized antique mirror has been cleverly hung to maximize the natural daylight from the window, bringing a sense of the outdoors inside.

Mirrors as Drama

Placing a large ornate mirror in an unorthodox place, such as in the photo above, on the floor of a bedroom, creates an intriguing and unexpected focal point. Here the homeowner uses what would traditionally be a wall hung mirror as a changing mirror. 

Above another use of a free standing mirror, here in a living room. This dramatic gilded antique piece is a used as a piece of furniture in its own right. When it comes to mirrors, there are no rules!

Who Are We? 

Dazzle Vintage Furniture is an online boutique which sells a wide selection of authentic European antique mirrors. We try to source statement pieces, which if placed well can totally transform the look of a room, adding light, drama and unexpected interest.