Monday, 2 March 2015

Decorative and Practical - The Wonderful World of French Coffee Grinders

Original hand made French coffee grinders are stunning, they also make the best coffee you'll ever taste. Renowned for grinding the beans finer than any modern appliance can, the taste is worth the small amount of elbow grease you have to apply. 

There are several known makers and all are highly collectible. Probably the best known maker is Peugeout Freres. Known today for a very different item - cars, the famous firm started from small beginnings when the Peugeot brothers started making coffee grinders at their French Valentigney workshop. 

Other well known makers include Grulet and Japy Freres.

A Beautiful example of the most commonly seen Peugeout freres coffee grinder

A rare Peugeout freres grinder with a brass top

Most grinders retain the original makers stamp making it easy to establish their provenance. However, even if the original text is missing it's often possible to identify the maker by the shape of the stamp. 

The Peugeout freres makers stamp shows a lion within a brass oval.

The Grulet makers stamp is highly distinctive, in the shape of a diamond and featuring a sphinx . 

Japy Freres is a slightly plainer stamp but some of their grinders are more elaborate

French antique coffee grinders come in many colours and sizes, making them hugely collectible. They look terrific on a kitchen dresser or work top, adding a touch of French rustic chic. 

Coffee connoisseurs agree that nothing beats the taste of coffee ground by hand, something to do with the slowness of the breaking of the beans releases more flavour. The proof is in the cup, and Dazzle can confirm that the taste is spectacular!

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