Monday, 4 January 2016

French Cupboard Love

Is there any piece of furniture more fabulous than a cupboard? Here at Dazzle Vintage Furniture we specialise in selling antique storage and our favourite pieces are authentic French armoires. I fell in love with armoires because they are so versatile, sitting happily in any room of the house. Beautiful on the outside, they are tardis like on the inside, the perfect storage solution!

Many people confuse armoires with wardrobes, whereas in truth are large French cupboards. The word cupboard descends from the practice of storing cups and plates on a table or sideboard. In French homes armoires are found in the dining room and kitchen as well as in bedrooms and bathrooms. They are ideal to use as a larder and brilliant for storing china and glassware.

Traditionally, in English homes the linen press was used to store blankets. In France the reliable armoire serves the same purpose.


One type of cupboard specific to France is a bonnetierre. Far slimmer than the traditional armoire, these are ideal for use in children's bedrooms, landings and small awkward spaces. Originally bonnetierres were used to store outer garments, such as a ladies bonnet. Hailing from Brittany and Normandy, these useful pieces are akin to the English hall cupboard. 


 Many authentic French armoires come with internal and external drawers as well as shelves, making them excellent for storing smaller items such as socks and underwear. Although, traditionally antiques armoires such as the one below would have stored far more valuable items. For this reason many had lockable doors as well as lockable drawers.

French armoires aren't just beautiful, useful and versatile they are also fabulously engineered - each 'knocksdown' - meaning that they can be taken apart and reassembled. Unlike bulky English wardrobes and compactums, French armoires break down to almost flat pack dimensions. This means that they are easy to transport and can be placed in any room of the house without the stress of heavy lifting and tight stairways! Is there any piece of furniture more fabulous than an armoire?

Who Are We?

Dazzle Vintage Furniture is an online boutique specialising in authentic French armoires, antique mirrors and decorative accessories. We personally source all our items in France, scouring flea markets, fairs and antiques shops in Brittany and Provence.


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